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Gallery of Clouds

Gallery of clouds

  • Cloud formations over Aleutian Islands. Taken by LandSat.
  • Altocumulus clouds.
  • Cirrus clouds with fog rolling in
  • Towering cumulonimbus cloud with anvil top.
  • Fair-weather cumulus clouds over Hawaii.
  • Cumulus congestus clouds
  • Funnel cloud.
  • Swirling clouds called Karman vortices. These formed over the Kuril Islands north of Japan. Image by LandSat.
  • Atmospheric vortices near Guadalupe Island as imaged by MISR.
  • Swirling clouds called Karman vortices, over Alexander Selkirk Island in the South Pacific Ocean. Image by LandSat.
  • Early morning lake fog.
  • Lenticular cloud over the Inyo Mountains near Bishop, California.
  • Mammatus clouds near Douglas, Oklahoma.
  • Mammatus clouds in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  • Mountain in the Kurile Islands, Russia, cause orographic cloud effect.
  • Stratocumulus clouds.
  • Stratus cloud deck.
  • Spinning formation of ice, clouds, and low-lying fog off eastern coast of Greenland. Image by LandSat.
  • A circumhorizontal arc or halo, which is an optical illustion formed by ice crystals in high-altitude cirrus clouds. This one was seen in Northern Idaho in June 2006. Sometimes these are called "fire rainbows."