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Play Hurricane Hero

a cartoon of the GOES-R satellite

Help Theo and Bill!

They need to figure out where these hurricanes will make landfall. Using data from the GOES-16 satellite (previously known as GOES-R) and considering wind vectors, estimate where the hurricane will hit. Hurricanes keep coming, and they're all different, so you have to stay sharp!

Click the colored area where you think the hurricanes will make landfall. Use the orange probability cone to inform your guess. It will get more accurate as it receives data from the GOES-16 satellite.

cartoon of Theo and Bill characters

The Earlier, the Better

It's important to determine where the hurricane will hit as soon as possible. The faster you guess, the higher your score. But guess wrong and you will lose points, so you need to be sure!

a screenshot of the gameplay in Hurricane Hero

Be a hurricane hero!

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