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Rescue 406

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Rescue 406

Available for iPhone and iPad

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It's All Up to You!

A distress call from an emergency beacon goes off somewhere in the world. Satellites orbiting high above Earth receive the signal and relay the person’s location to search and rescue crews on the ground. Using the information from these satellites, you must direct the rescue effort. You’ll need to be quick to keep up with an increasing number of people in trouble!

Come across a person adrift in the turbulent ocean waters and you’ll have to throw a lifesaver to reach them. You may need to gently land a helicopter to rescue someone stranded on a deserted island. Clear a path through the woods to rescue an ill-fated camper. Someone stuck in the mountains will need to be airlifted in a rescue basket—can you keep the helicopter steady? Gameplay gets more complicated when the satellites receive only partial information from the emergency beacons. Use the satellites to scan the ground or decipher information from the beacon before you start the rescue.

Learn about the NOAA-operated SARSAT system (Search And Rescue Satellite Aided Tracking) as you play this exciting and educational game. How many people will you be able to rescue?

Rescue 406 gameplay