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Solve a Weather Slyder Puzzle

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Pictures of weather can be beautiful and dramatic.

The awesomely dark and deadly funnel cloud of a tornado...

Photo of a dark funnel cloud.

Jagged lightning strokes connecting sky and Earth...

Photo of a dark funnel cloud.

Clouds that change appearance every minute...

Photo of a dark funnel cloud.

And those are just the pictures taken from the ground.

Vortex patterns in clouds as seen by satellite.

Satellites high above the Earth give a very different view of the weather. These pictures are also beautiful and dramatic. But they contain valuable information as well. For example, satellite pictures of a storm forming out in the ocean show how strong the storm is, which way it is moving, how fast it is moving, and whether people living along the shore should be warned to get out of its way.

The GOES are satellites that help forecast the weather and forewarn the people on Earth. They also help forecast space weather. Find out more about hurricanes and play Whirlwind Disaster.

Play the Slyder game with astounding pictures of Earth weather and space weather.