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Gallery of volcanoes

Gallery of volcanoes

  • Richat Structure, Mauritania, Africa. Formed from eroded volcanic dome. Color-enhanced LandSat image.
  • Image produced from data collected by NASA's airborne imaging radar AIRSAR instrument almost five years after the June 1991 euption of Mt. Pinatubo.
  • Mt. St. Helens, Washington, USA. Color-enhanced LandSat image taken March 2000.
  • The volcanic Galapagos Islands, active euptions ongoing. Color-enhanced ASTER image, Terra satellite.
  • Volcanoes along the Chilean-Argentinian border. Terra satellite ASTER image.
  • Mt. Etna in Sicily erupting Nov. 2002. Terra Satellite ASTER image.
  • Field of inactive volcanoes in Chile. Color-enhanced LandSat image.