SciJinks It's all about weather!

GOES-17 has launched!

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What is SciJinks?

SciJinks is all about weather! Short for Science Hijinks, we are a NOAA educational website that puts fun and adventure into learning about weather, satellite meteorology and Earth science. We are geared toward middle- and high-school aged kids and their educators.

We’ve got informative articles that answer important questions about weather, profiles of fun weather jobs, mobile and web games about satellites and technology, exciting videos and tons of downloadable content.


Program Manager:
Nancy Leon

Content Developer:
Jessica Stoller-Conrad

Designer and Illustrator:
Alexander Novati

Webmaster and Developer:
Kyle Mansfield

Communications and Outreach Specialist:
Mikalina Franco

Outreach Coordinator:
Fran Castellaneta

GOES-R Series Advisors:
Dan Lindsey
Michelle Smith

JPSS Advisors:
Mitch Goldberg
Joseph Smith

Past Team Members

Curators, Content Developers and Writers:
Katie McKissick
Alex Kasprak
Diane Fisher

Programmers/Game Developers:
Austin Fitzpatrick
Anil Natha
John Ibañez

Content Developers:
Sandi Beck
Scott Marrett

Illustrators and Graphic Designers:
Enrique Garcia
Frieda Brillantes
Liliana Novati